Hamachi Crudo Appetizer
Sashimi-grade yellowtail, thinly sliced, subtly spicy aji pepper sauce, micro arugula, zesty red onion, creamy avocado, and crisp red radish, creating a symphony of flavors and textures in every bite. We recommend pairing it with Kofererhof Pinot Grigio Valle Isarco from the esteemed vineyards of Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. This exquisite wine teases the palate with notes of crisp green apple, sun-ripened pear, and a hint of almond, culminating in a refreshingly mineral finish – an impeccable companion for our Hamachi Crudo.

Soft Shell Crab Linguini
Delectable soft-shell crab dish, flash-fried crispy golden, served atop a bed of al dente linguini sautéed in fragrant garlic olive oil with mushrooms, spinach, and cherry tomatoes and finished with a hint of fresh lemon juice. We recommend the Mayacamas Chardonnay from the prestigious slopes of Mt. Veeder in Napa Valley. This wine’s luscious notes of ripe golden apple, creamy vanilla, and a whisper of toasted oak harmoniously blend with the richness of the crab, accentuating the fresh, vibrant flavors of the dish.

Homemade Pork Cannelloni
Pasta sheets filled with succulent pulled pork rolled with creamy mozzarella cheese and an irresistible poblano pepper sauce and baked and topped with a sprinkle of fresh cheese and a vibrant salsa cruda, capturing the essence of traditional Italian comfort food with a modern twist. Our Kurobuta Pork is from Snake Rivers Farms and 100% Berkshire Certified, ensuring unparalleled taste and tenderness. To enhance this flavorful journey, we recommend the La Serena Rosso di Montalcino from the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy. With its lively bouquet of wild berries, hints of spice, and soft tannins, this wine beautifully complements the depth of the cannelloni, creating a symphony of tastes and aromas that transports you straight to a cozy trattoria overlooking Tuscan vineyards.