for the week of August 25th, 2023

Fresh Fig Appetizer: A delicate slice of prosciutto embraces each fig. Filled with velvety gorgonzola, whose creamy sharpness is a counterpoint to the fig’s natural sweetness, and finished with a glossy balsamic glaze, this appetizer is an homage to Italian simplicity and flavor.

We recommend pairing it with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc, vibrant green apple and passion fruit notes, or a Soave, which teases with floral and almond undertones. For those craving a classic touch, our Pinot Grigio’s crisp citrus and pear notes marry flawlessly with the dish, ensuring every bite and sip is an escapade to the Italian countryside.

Bistecca con Tagliatelle: A harmonious blend of Italian tradition with a twist of Steak Diane flair, our Bistecca con Tagliatelle offers a decadent experience for the discerning palate. USDA Prime Certified Filet Mignon floured and pan-seared, then paired with ribbons of tagliatelle pasta, delicately sautéed in a sauce of earthy mushrooms, aromatic onions, tangy Dijon mustard, rich cream, and Cognac.

Wine Recommendation: La Spinetta Langhe Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy. This wine graces the senses with aromatic hints of wild berries and dried roses while velvety tannins and an elegant, lingering finish of dark cherries and spice caress its palate—the perfect symphony for a genuinely Italian indulgence. Choice of 5 oz or 10 oz Steak.

Pistachio-Crusted Alaskan Halibut: This 8 oz. Halibut filet is pan-seared to flaky perfection, encrusted with crushed pistachio nuts and golden breadcrumbs. It rests on a pillowy bed of creamy risotto, complemented by sautéed spinach and lemon caper beurre blanc sauce, garnished with vibrant microgreens, adding a final whisper of freshness.

We suggest a glass of Soave Classico Garganega from Soave, Veneto, its floral bouquet with hints of ripe pear and almond mesmerize you, as its crisp, mineral-rich palate perfectly complements the dish’s richness, offering a sip of Italy’s liquid gold.