Specials for the Week of November 10, 2023

Zucchini Flowers: This exquisite dish features zucchini flowers that are delicately fried to achieve a light and crispy texture. Inside, they are sumptuously filled with creamy ricotta cheese and rich Parmigiano-Reggiano, complemented by basil’s fresh, aromatic touch. To enhance your dining experience, we recommend pairing this dish with a glass of Italian Pinot Grigio. This wine, known for its crisp and refreshing taste, offers tasting notes that balance beautifully with the dish’s flavors. Its subtle aromas and flavors include hints of green apple, lemon, and almond, complementing the creamy and herbal notes of the zucchini flowers.

Burrata, Figs & Plumcots Salad: Indulge in the season’s flavors with this vibrant salad. Fresh arugula forms the base, tossed with sweet figs and juicy plumcots, creating a delightful mixture of tastes and textures. The dish’s star is the creamy Burrata cheese, which adds a luxurious richness, complemented by thinly sliced prosciutto, offering a savory counterpoint. The salad is artfully drizzled with rosemary-infused olive oil, enhancing its flavors. A final touch of cracked pepper and crunchy crostini completes the dish. Pair this exquisite salad with a glass of Italian Garganega, a white wine celebrated for its aromatic complexity. Its tasting notes include hints of citrus, pear, and almond, along with subtle floral aromas, making it a perfect match for the creamy burrata and the sweet, fruity elements of the salad.

Pumpkin Ravioli: Savor the comforting flavors of autumn with our homemade Pumpkin Ravioli. Each delicate pasta pocket is generously filled with a rich blend of butternut squash, creamy ricotta, and mozzarella cheese, creating a symphony of flavors in every bite. The ravioli are then expertly sautéed with fragrant sage, adding a hint of earthiness and crispy pancetta for a delightful crunch. Roasted squash pieces are interspersed for additional depth of flavor. A drizzle of high-quality olive oil brings everything together, enhancing the dish’s luxuriousness. Fresh figs and basil are artfully used as garnish, adding sweetness and aroma. We recommend pairing this dish with a glass of Italian Sauvignon Blanc to elevate it further. This wine, known for its crisp acidity and aromatic profile, features tasting notes of tropical fruits, green apples, and a hint of herbs, complementing the savory-sweet nature of the ravioli and adding an exquisite balance to your dining experience.

Barramundi Fillet: Experience the ocean’s bounty with our exquisitely prepared Barramundi fillet; silky, buttery texture and sweet, rich flavor, the fillet is expertly pan-seared to perfection, ensuring the flesh is beautifully white and medium-firm. It’s served atop a velvety cauliflower purée, providing a smooth and subtly sweet foundation that complements the fish. This dish is elegantly garnished with fresh dill, adding a hint of herby freshness, and roasted gooseberries, which introduce a delightful touch of sweetness. Pine nuts are sprinkled for a satisfying crunch, while marinated cherry tomatoes bring a juicy, tangy contrast. A scattering of aromatic microgreens completes the dish, adding both color and a burst of flavor. To enhance your dining experience, we recommend pairing this exquisite fillet with a glass of Chardonnay. This wine, with its full body and balanced acidity, offers tasting notes of citrus, apple, and pear, along with subtle hints of oak and vanilla, creating a harmonious blend with the rich and complex flavors of the Barramundi.

Braised Short Rib: Immerse yourself in the rich, deep flavors of our Braised Short Rib. We use only the finest Certified Angus beef, renowned for its superior quality and flavor. These ribs are slow-cooked to tender perfection with San Marzano tomatoes, famous for their sweet and rich taste, and Chianti, which infuses the meat with a robust, complex flavor. Fresh tarragon, pearl onions, and baby carrots are added to the mix, each contributing unique notes to create a harmonious blend of flavors. The ribs are served over a bed of creamy mushroom risotto, its earthy tones perfectly complementing the meat’s richness. A slice of serrano chili is added as a garnish, offering a subtle heat that cuts through the dish’s heartiness, while shaved pecorino adds a salty, tangy finish. To elevate this culinary experience, we recommend pairing it with a glass of Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy. This wine, known for its full body and firm tannins, offers tasting notes of cherry, raspberry, and rose, along with hints of truffle and tar, creating a delightful contrast with the savory and rich flavors of the braised short ribs.

Pumpkin Crème Brûlée with Candied Pecans: Indulge in the quintessential flavors of fall with our Pumpkin Crème Brûlée. This luxurious dessert blends the creamy richness of traditional crème brûlée with the warm, comforting notes of pumpkin. The smooth, velvety custard is infused with the perfect blend of pumpkin and classic spices, creating a symphony of autumnal flavors in every spoonful. Topped with a delicately caramelized sugar crust, it offers a satisfying crunch leading into the sumptuous custard beneath. The dish is adorned with candied pecans, adding a delightful sweetness and a nutty crunch that complements the creamy texture. For an exquisite after-dinner experience, pair this dessert with a glass of Amaro. This Italian herbal liqueur, known for its bittersweet flavor, offers a complex array of tasting notes, including hints of citrus, herbs, and spices. The Amaro’s aromatic profile and subtle bitterness beautifully contrast the sweet, spiced flavors of the Pumpkin Crème Brûlée, creating a harmonious and memorable end to your meal.

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