Pork Belly Pumpkin Pasta – Indulge in a plate of our enchanting Orecchiette, an authentic Italian pasta that effortlessly melds the robust and delicate autumn flavors onto a single plate. Picture this: thin, perfectly sautéed slices of tender pork belly, providing a rich, meaty savor that warmly embraces your palate, paired immaculately with the subtle sweetness of oven-roasted pumpkin. Caramelized red onions introduce a delicate sweetness, while purple kale contributes an earthy depth, all harmoniously blanketed under a gracious sprinkle of sharp and salty pecorino cheese, with a gentle drizzle of our finest extra virgin olive oil to enhance and bind these glorious flavors together.

Wine Pairing: Nebbiolo – Savor this enticing dish with a glass of our selected Nebbiolo, an Italian red that echoes the spirit of the Piedmont region. With its vibrant acidity and notable tannins, it beautifully cuts through the richness of the pork belly. At the same time, its expressive bouquet of roses, cherries, and a hint of truffle luxuriously complement the savory-sweet notes of the pumpkin and caramelized onions. Allow the subtle undertones of tar and herbs to dance with the earthly notes of the purple kale, creating a symphony of flavors reminiscent of the rolling hills of Italy with every bite and sip. 

Corvina Filet Eleganza – Journey through the lavish Italian coastline with our 8oz Corvina Filet, a treasure from the sea, pan-seared to perfection with its skin on, ensuring every bite is a melody of flaky, moist texture and crisp, richly-flavored skin. This opulent filet is accompanied by slow-roasted spaghetti squash, an eloquent nod to Italian tradition with a light and nutrient-dense alternative to pasta. Saunter further through this culinary escapade as the lush, grilled leeks and explosively sweet cherry tomatoes intermingle with the aromatic whispers of fresh basil and the gentle, nutty crunch of pine nuts. Enveloping this masterpiece is our white wine beurre blanc sauce, a velvety cascade that lovingly enhances every ingredient it touches with its luxurious, buttery essence and subtle wine-infused acidity.

Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio – To elevate your encounter with the Corvina Filet Eleganza, we’ve thoughtfully paired it with a glass of our choice Pinot Grigio. This wine, cherished for its light, crisp characteristics, offers an undercurrent of green apple and pear notes with a refreshing acidity that balances the beurre blanc sauce’s rich, buttery depth. The Pinot Grigio’s minerality and slight citrus zest pay homage to the Corvina, enhancing its oceanic qualities while gently cleansing the palate to prepare it for the next sumptuous bite. An orchestration of elegance and harmony, this pairing invites you to a serene moment in our Italian haven.

Filet Mignon Cannelloni – An exquisite embodiment of culinary artistry, our Filet Mignon Cannelloni seamlessly weaves the rich, velvety textures of high-quality beef with the robust and intricate layers of Italian and subtle Mexican Nestled within our freshly-made, delicate pasta sheets lies a cascade of thinly sliced filet mignon, celebrated for its tender, luxurious mouthfeel, and enchantingly paired with the sweet and smoky profiles of roasted bell peppers and onions. The unexpected, bright note of cilantro and goat cheese’s creamy, tangy richness brings a spirited dynamic to the dish. Encased and baked to perfection with molten mozzarella cheese and a smoky poblano chile sauce, each bite promises an unforgettable journey through a fusion of cultures, elegantly intertwining finesse with hearty satisfaction.

Wine Pairing: Sangiovese – To elevate your gastronomic adventure, our Sangiovese is thoughtfully chosen to weave through the complexities of the Filet Mignon Cannelloni. With a vibrant acidity and a spectrum of flavors ranging from lush, dark cherries to earthy, herbaceous undertones, this wine impeccably slices through the richness of the cheeses. At the same time, the subtle tannins complement and elevate the juiciness of the filet mignon. The Sangiovese harmonizes the smoky depth of the poblano chile sauce with its subtle spices and highlights the freshness of the cilantro, enhancing and balancing every nuanced flavor presented in this captivating dish, promising a symphony of delights with every bite and sip.