Calamari Steak Appetizer

Embrace an authentic taste of Italy with our Pan-Seared Calamari Steak. Prepared with a delicate touch, we begin with premium calamari steak, which is then enveloped in a light, crispy breading. It’s gently pan-seared to a perfect golden hue, capturing the natural, tender juiciness of the seafood within an exterior that provides just the right hint of crunch. The calamari steak is elegantly presented with our vibrant Lemon Caper Beurre Blanc sauce. 

To elevate your dining experience, we recommend pairing this appetizer with our selected Chardonnay. This wine is renowned for its complex profile, exhibiting aromatic layers of crisp apple, ripe pear, and a hint of tropical fruit. On the palate, its vanilla and baking spice notes harmonize with the calamari. At the same time, its balanced acidity cuts through the richness of the beurre blanc sauce, refreshing the palate between each delightful bite.

Mediterranean Swordfish over Orzo Pasta Salad

Swordfish is prized for its firm, meaty texture, and mildly sweet flavor. The swordfish rests atop a bed of Orzo Pasta Salad, a vibrant mosaic of textures and flavors. We toss al dente orzo with rich Kalamata olives and juicy cherry tomatoes, crisp cucumber, and fresh basil. The pasta salad is lightly drizzled with homemade pesto sauce, delivering an aromatic punch of fresh basil, garlic, and parmesan. A final touch of extra virgin olive oil, liquid gold of the Mediterranean, lends a luxuriously smooth finish.

We suggest pairing this entrée with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, characteristically bright, citrus-driven notes of lemon and grapefruit elegantly intertwine with the swordfish’s sweetness. Its undercurrent of herbaceous flavors echoes the fresh basil in the pasta salad. At the same time, its crisp, lively acidity contrasts the rich olives and extra virgin olive oil. The finish is clean and refreshing, preparing you for the next delightful forkful.

Veal Chop

Tender veal chop,pan-seared to a beautifully caramelized exterior while preserving its juicy, flavorful core. It is served with a distinctive Brandy Mustard sauce, Portobello, white mushrooms, sweet baby bell peppers, and a creamy base of Gorgonzola cheese and rich sour cream polenta, creating a velvety canvas for the veal chop to shine.

We recommend a pairing with our Brunello di Montalcino wine. Renowned for its power and elegance, this Tuscan gem offers pronounced notes of black cherry and plum that harmonize beautifully with the succulent veal, while subtle hints of dried herbs and tobacco weave complexity through the Brand Mustard sauce. The Brunello’s full-bodied structure and refined tannins hold up against the richness of the Gorgonzola polenta, and its enduring, warm finish lingers delightfully with each morsel.