The much-awaited Soft-Shell Crab season is upon us! Dive into a duo of crabs, gently cloaked in premium, all-natural Caputo flour from Italy and immersed in Billy’s farm-fresh, organic eggs. These delicacies are pan-fried to a golden crisp in high-quality olive oil, serving as a crunchy contrast to the soft, succulent interior. They rest elegantly on an al dente linguine pasta nest, sautéed with a vibrant medley of super greens – finely shredded kale, tender Brussels sprouts, crisp cabbage, and sweet carrots.

Bask in the flavors of the sea with our Baccala alla Napoletana, a feast featuring fresh Alaskan Cod. Renowned for its firm, moist consistency, substantial flake size, and subtly sweet undertones, the cod is sautéed with a heart-warming blend of bold Kalamata olives, rich San Marzano tomatoes, tangy capers, and robust roasted potatoes. Hints of garlic, chili flakes, and parsley, all bathed in olive oil, enhance the dish, which is beautifully crowned with fresh basil.

Feast on our Colorado Lamb Chops, a unique cap-on, and un-Frenched cut nurtured on the verdant pastures of the Rocky Mountains. The lamb’s diet imparts an unmatched depth of flavor and tenderness to the meat while ensuring excellent quality. Ideal for a ketogenic diet, this untrimmed cut is abundant in beneficial omega-3 fats. These exquisite chops are pan-seared to perfection and served with an earthy medley of roasted baby beets, vibrant peppers, and succulent sweet potatoes. The plate is complemented by lightly sautéed beech mushrooms and crispy snap peas. Reflective of our commitment to quality and health, this high-protein lamb, like our other steaks, is sourced from small family ranches, guaranteeing it to be free of antibiotics and hormones.