Lush Garden Harvest Salad: Experience the essence of the Italian countryside with our vibrant, refreshing Salad. This exquisite arrangement begins with juicy, sun-ripened heirloom tomatoes and sweet, earthy beets that have been carefully selected for their deep, rich flavor. The dish is enhanced with the creamy, nutty delight of goat cheese encrusted in crunchy, toasted pistachios, which offers a delightful contrast of textures. Sitting atop a crisp, peppery arugula bed, the Salad is dressed with a light drizzle of our finest, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil pesto and a tangy, aged balsamic vinaigrette. Each bite bursts with the freshness of a Mediterranean summer garden.

Beef Cannelloni à la Rustica: Discover the heartiness of traditional Italian cuisine in this rich, flavorful cannelloni. The dish showcases succulent prime beef enveloped within delicate sheets of handmade pasta, brimming with the sweet, sautéed notes of bell peppers and onions. Our chefs then introduce a layer of roasted eggplant, imparting a smoky depth to the dish, and a generous crumble of pungent gorgonzola cheese, ensuring a delightful, creamy melt-in-your-mouth experience. The cannelloni is then lavished with a velvety tomato pepper sauce before being baked to perfection with a blanket of fresh, stringy mozzarella. The dish is then garnished with a scatter of microgreens, a final touch that adds a punch of color and freshness to this Italian classic.

Grilled Swordfish: Dive into the heart of Mediterranean coastal cuisine with our exquisite grilled Swordfish. This stunning centerpiece is fresh-caught, lightly seasoned, and skillfully seared to lock in its natural, succulent flavors. The Swordfish is elegantly adorned with a silky, buttery beurre blanc that balances and enhances its oceanic flavors, served on a bed of wilted spinach salad and accompanied by a tropical twist of papaya sofrito, an irresistible blend of sweet and spicy. Accents of oven-roasted cherry tomatoes add sweetness, while feta cheese crumbles introduce a tangy contrast. The Salad is garnished with crunchy pine nuts and gets a final splash of zesty lemon vinaigrette, which elevates the overall taste with its citrusy brightness. This dish is a symphony of flavors that marries the sea’s bounty with the garden’s freshness.