Specials are from Friday May 12th to Thursday May 18th

Indulge in a celebration of motherhood with our exquisite Italian restaurant’s Mother’s Day specials, each dish crafted with meticulous care, brimming with freshness, and infused with tantalizing flavors and aromas:

Appetizer Savor our splendid Ahi Tuna delicacy, a pan-seared rare pepper-crusted to perfection and pan-seared to bring out its robust oceanic flavors. This tantalizing appetizer is served atop a vibrant salad of crisp arugula, juicy watermelon radish, tender endive, rich purple cabbage, and fresh green onions. Each bite is animated by a harmonious drizzle of our ginger soy sauce vinaigrette, its zesty tang accentuating the dish’s freshness and quality.

Entrees Succumb to the exquisite allure of our 12 oz Kobe Ribeye. This unparalleled cut of beef is grilled to perfection, its succulence complemented by the earthy tones of grilled asparagus and the sweet burst of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes—a drizzle of our finest balsamic vinaigrette rounds off this hearty meal.

Next, allow the Macadamia Nut Crusted Halibut to captivate your senses. This fresh cut is pan-seared to perfection, served atop a bed of creamy mascarpone crushed potatoes. The comforting warmth of sautéed rapine enriches each mouthful, all bathed in a buttery beurre blanc sauce and adorned with fresh micro greens.

Surrender to the exotic allure of our South African Lobster Tail. This 8 oz treasure from the deep is tenderly prepared and served over a bed of perfectly al dente linguine, delicately sautéed with fragrant shallots, aromatic tarragon, zesty lemon juice, and rich cognac. A side of drawn butter is a decadent dip, enhancing the lobster’s natural juiciness.

Desserts Conclude your gastronomic journey with our sweet masterpieces: Cinnamon Gelato or Spumoni Bomba. Our Cinnamon Gelato, a classic Italian favorite, is a delightful fusion of creamy sweetness and aromatic cinnamon. At the same time, our Spumoni Bomba is an explosion of traditional Italian flavors, each spoonful promising a memorable finish to a perfect meal.

This Mother’s Day, honor the remarkable women in your life with a culinary experience that mirrors your love, warmth, and appreciation for them.