Hey there! By using Pizzaioli's website and apps (which we lovingly call "Company Sites"), you're agreeing to these terms. We're known as Italante, Inc. or simply "Pizzaioli" for short. Our main gig? We showcase wines and cool-related products. Plus, you can buy these from licensed retailers or join our exclusive Wine Clubs. Just a heads up, by clicking "I Agree" or using our sites, you're saying "yes" to these terms and our privacy policy. If you don't feel it, please step away from our sites. 

1. Payments & Cancellations

a. Wine Club Memberships: Think of our Wine Club like a subscription. Each month, we'll automatically charge your payment method for your lovely wines. Don't worry; you can opt-out whenever you want! If you ever feel like taking a break or skipping the holiday specials, ring us at 1-909-590-5454, and we'll handle it pronto. And hey, if we ever need to tweak the pricing, we promise to give you a heads-up so you can decide if you want to stay with us for the next shipment.

b. One-time Orders: Have you changed your mind about an order? No problemo! Just let us know before we ship it out, and we'll cancel it for you. If you've used a credit card, we'll generally charge it by the end of the day you order. If there's any hiccup after that, check out our refund instructions later.

2. A Few Notes on Orders: All our offers depend on what we have in stock. Sometimes, we might mess up with prices or discounts (oops!), but if that happens, we'll cancel the order and refund you. That's our bad! Oh, and prices and discounts might shuffle around sometimes. We'll always let you know if our Wine Club prices change beforehand. So you'll have time to think if you're still on board for the next shipment.

3. Got Questions? If you're scratching your head about anything – whether it's about orders, Wine Club memberships, our website, or just wanting to chat about our excellent products – don't hesitate to reach out!







3920 Grand Ave., Unit A

Chino, CA 91710

4. Age Matters: You need to be at least 21 to use our services. So, if you're under 21, sorry, you can't join our Wine Club or use our site. Got someone younger who might sneak a peek? There are tools to block our site from minors. And just so you know, we might say "nope" to registering someone or accepting an order if we feel it's right.

5. Wine Rules: Any wine you snag from us is just for you, okay? No reselling! If you've got a locker with us, only keep the goodies you got from our store inside. And remember, the locker fits up to 18 bottles. If you have any extra orders, come and get them!

6. Setting Up & Keeping Your Account: To enjoy our wine wonders, you'll create an account with us. Please give us the real-deal info about yourself (like your name, birthday, and payment method). Promise us you won't use someone else's account, okay? Keep your info updated, and check out the "My Subscriptions" bit in your account to see all the wine-action!

7. Join the Wine Club Party: Dive into the Wine Club world by signing up through our sites or the emails we send. Depending on your club, you'll get 1-3 bottles monthly. We'll always tell you the upfront costs, taxes, and shipping details. And guess what? We'll send you reminders before every monthly shipment. Manage or tweak your preferences anytime under "My Subscriptions."

8. Getting Your Wine: Cali folks, we've got Wine Locker Storage and Pick-up just for you. And yep, you'll need to show you're 21 when picking up. Cheers! 

9. Happy with Your Order? If something's up with your delivery or you are unhappy with your order, holler at us using the contact info we gave earlier (remember Section 3?). We genuinely want to make it right.

10. Special Offers! When you're with us, we love treating you to fun deals like discounts, vouchers, and other fantastic promos. We'll keep you in the loop via email or snail mail. If you're buying with a promo, pop in the code from the ad when checking out. Remember, these offers change sometimes, so grab them while they're hot!

11. Privacy Matters: We've got a PRIVACY POLICY to keep your details safe and sound. Give it a look, and we might tweak it occasionally.

12. Be Cool, Okay? Let's keep things simple. Please don't mess with our site or other users. Please, no fake accounts or pretending to be someone else. And no shady stuff like trying to crack our site code. Also, keep any comments or reviews on our site chill and respectful. If we notice anything fishy, we might have to take action, like warning you, removing what you posted, or even talking to the authorities. Let's keep it fun and friendly!

13. Our Intellectual Stuff

a. Using Our Site: We're letting you use our site, but remember, everything you see there – the text, pictures, logos, and all that jazz – belongs to us or people we've gotten permission from. You can't just take, sell, copy, or use our stuff without our say-so.

b. Respect for Copyrights: We respect the creative works of others and want our users to do the same. If you think something on our site is stepping on your copyrights, please get in touch with us at tom@pizzaioli.com before making any other moves. Be sure to give us all the details so we can look into it. This includes proof that you own the copyrighted work, where we can find the questionable content on our site, and your contact info. Also, please assure us that you're raising the issue in good faith and that everything you're telling us is on the up and up.

14. Other Websites and Services

You might click on links on our site that lead to other websites or services not run by us. So that you know, that's on you. We don't control these places, so we're not on the hook if something goes awry there. Refrain from pointing fingers at us if you have issues or disputes with these third-party places. We're doing our best to provide an excellent service, but we can't control the entire internet. So, if you have any issues with these other sites, it's between you and them – unless we were negligent or intentionally did something wrong.

15. Heads up about using our website

a. The "As Is" Deal: Everything you see on our website is given "as is ." This means we're not making promises that everything is perfect or will always work right. So, if you decide to use our website, remember you're doing it at your own risk.

b. Playing by the Rules: Our website can be accessed from many places with different rules. We try our best to play by those rules. If we're missing something, please let us know. And if you think we need to follow the law, let us know before taking any action, and we'll try to fix it.

16. We can end our relationship at any time

We can close your account or cancel your wine club membership whenever possible. If you want to end things, contact us. But remember, if we've already shipped you something before this happens, there are no refunds. Some parts of these rules will still apply even after the relationship ends.

17. Things can change

We can change these rules at any time. If we do, we'll let you know on our website. If you keep using the site after we post those changes, you're okay with them. However, if we change something significant about your wine club membership, we'll let you know in advance and give you a chance to cancel. Also, our website might change or have issues occasionally, and we won't owe you anything if that happens.

18. If things go south, you've got our back

If someone takes action against us because of something you did on our site, you promise to help us. This includes any misuse of our website, things you post, breaking these rules, infringing on someone's rights, or if someone else causes problems using an account you gave them access to.

19. We're Not Liable for Indirect Damages: If something goes wrong because of our website or service, we're not responsible for any indirect problems or losses you face, like losing money or data. This is true even if we thought something like this might happen.

20. We Play by California's Rules. Any disagreement or issue related to these terms will be resolved based on California's laws, specifically the ones about contracts.

21. Special Note for California Users Hey California users, if you have problems with our site, know that you can reach out to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. They're there to help.

22. Let's Talk It Out First If there's a problem between us, we agree to try and talk it out before taking any formal action. This means waiting at least 60 days after one of us tells the other about the issue in writing. All notices should be sent via U.S. mail, FedEx, or UPS so we know they get delivered.

23. Giving Up Some Rights By agreeing to these terms, you're letting go of some claims or rights you might have under your state's laws. This includes asking for specific legal solutions or lawyer's fees. Giving up these rights shouldn't go against your state's laws. For example, users in New Jersey should know this doesn't break any New Jersey consumer protection laws.

24. Miscellaneous Points

a. If Some Parts Aren't Valid: If any part of these terms is found invalid or can't be enforced, that specific part will be removed, but the rest will still apply.

b. Full Agreement: These terms, our privacy policy, and any other related rules we've posted make up our agreement. Previous agreements or discussions don't count. We only change these terms in writing.

c. How We Talk: We'll be officially communicating in writing. This could be traditional mail, email, or through an overnight courier. If you need to reach out, use the email from Section 3.

d. Transferring Rights: You can't pass on your rights or responsibilities from these terms without asking us first. We can pass on ours without asking you.

e. We Aren't Partners: This agreement doesn't make us business partners, employers/employees, or anything like that. It doesn't give us the right to make deals or take on obligations for the other.

f. Unexpected Issues: If there are big, unexpected problems (like natural disasters, wars, new laws) that stop us from being able to do what we've promised here, please don't assume that it's our fault.

g. Sticking to the Rules: If one of us doesn't insist on the other sticking strictly to these terms once, it doesn't mean we've given up those rights for good.

h. Mistakes Happen: We aim to be perfect, but sometimes errors, including prices and product details, creep into our website. If they do, we'll correct them. Please understand that the colors and appearance of products might look different on your computer than in real life.

Wine Storage Terms at Pizzaioli

Short-Term Storage: We aim to provide you with the finest global wines. Our lockers are meant for something other than long-term storage. It would be best to consume your wines within a month of your wine club release. Please don't put any items in the locker that you didn't buy from us or any opened wine bottles.

Billing and Ownership: We set up recurring billing when you join our wine club. Once the wine club selections are out, the bottles belong to you, whether you pick them up or we store them. After 30 days, we don't accept returns or give refunds for locker wines. If you lose your key, there's a $25 replacement fee.

Wine Consumption & Pick Up:

  • Dining: You can have one bottle for every two diners over 21 at our restaurant during opening hours. Our wine club selections have free corkage.
  • Pick-Up: If you want to enjoy our wines at home, you can pick them up Monday-Friday, but please give us 48 hours' notice.

We Don't Take Responsibility for Stored Wines: We're not responsible for damaging or degrading your stored wines. Even though we try to keep the wine storage area at dining temperature, we can't guarantee it's right for your wines. The cooling system should work well, but we don't promise it'll always maintain the humidity or temperature. For wines stored for more than 30 days, consider adding their value to your homeowners' insurance.

Fire Insurance: If there's fire damage, we have insurance covering your wines' original price. But some of our wines are rare. If they're gone, we can't promise to replace them with the same ones. We're also not responsible for acts of God or natural disasters.

Payments & Liens: You must pay in full before picking up any purchased wine. If you owe us money for more than 30 days after we've told you, we have the right to sell the contents of your wine locker under California law. If we sell the wine, we'll use the money to pay off any debt you owe us, including costs. If there's money left over, we'll give it back to you according to California law.

Effective Date: These terms are effective from May 1, 2019. Make sure to print and keep a copy. If you can't print, contact us using the details in Section 3 to get a hard copy.